How I work

I work with the awareness of your body,  your relationship to your body






If you have come this far to reach my webpage, I want to welcome you as this might mean that you are ready to make a change in your life. Perhaps you are ready to give yourself a safe space where you can begin opening up to yourself and find answers to some of the compelling questions in your life.


My approach to working in the sessions is grounded in the ‘here and now’ in the immediacy of the therapeutic encounter. Staying with the manifest in the ‘dialogue’ I hope you will find connectedness within, that allows you to inhabit your experience fully. Through an increased awareness you will learn to trust yourself and with confidence. This creates the base for re-establishing a sense of wholeness in your being in the world and your environment. The themes of this encounter are going to be led by your interests and needs.

I have worked with people for over 25 years as a therapist, and I hope to be able to help you come to a greater inner awareness of yourself. This depth of awareness will help you find your answers and implement those changes within that will lead you to a more connected and fulfilled existence. I will use my experience and skills to help you express and then address what is blocking, wounding, holding you back –  and in that uncensored self-expression, you can find new insights about your condition and what your deeper concerns truly are.


I will give you feedback on what I notice about the themes you bring. This could open up new perspectives for you and broaden your capacity for handling your issues, thus creating new meanings in and responses to your life. I will guide you to connect better with your emotions and help you let them speak for themselves rather than merely analyzing them.


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