Gestalt and Mindfulness.

Both, Gestalt and Mindfulness are about becoming aware. About waking up. Waking up to a felt sense of inner Presence, and Peace.

A self Awareness that renders our Psyche more whole, overcomes inner fragmentation. It produces a new clarity which can guide us in our lives so much more from the centre of our Being. Gestalt uses the ‘dialogic’ relationship with another to bring about this clarity. Through dialogic inquiry this clarity is elicited from the mind and felt in the innermost of ones body. Mindfulness is practiced mostly silently and experienced as a way to disengage with thought processes. No longer following or proliferating thoughts, we have an opportunity to tune into a silence that is always present in the most intimate part of our Being. This silence forms the base for a sense of expansion, allowing mind to experience a new spaciousness. And within this spaciousness we experience an enhanced clarity enabling us to be at greater peace with our ‘story’, our ‘movie’, our thoughts and our life. We become more confident about handling our life’s situations. Perhaps we can allow life to unfold with greater ease as we loosen the grip on the need for control and manipulation as our fear of loss of control is reduced. Spontaneity can return as an inner trust and faith asserts itself in our psyche as we move towards our inner centre.

Practicing Gestalt and Mindfulness together provides a very powerful tool for personal and transpersonal development.


O longing mind

Dwell within the depth

Of your own pure nature.

Do not seek your home elsewhere….

Your naked awareness alone, O mind,

Is the inexhaustible abundance

For which you long so desperately.

                                                Sri Ramakrishna