Awareness of Death in Life.

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Awareness of Death in Life
July 6, 2013 10:00 am
£ 80
Amely Becker
0208 3486253
May 20, 2013
07989 230 236
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Langdon Park Road, London, Highgate,, N6, United Kingdom

Death Awareness

Its Presence being integral to a fully appreciated Life

Life and Death are intrinsically connected, a unit. In our Western civilization we have learnt to create a separation between those two aspects of life’s complete cycle. Life has become the only attraction and Death the feared reality that often must be banished from our awareness.


In this workshop I am providing a space and focus so that we can begin to dare speaking about the taboo that we have colluded with for so long: the acknowledgement of death as a reality in our lives.  Most people have experienced a personal  loss to death. How do you address that loss in yourself? Have you ever tried to really imagine that you are going to die one day yourself? And that you do not know when? Have you ever imagined that it might be constructive, healthy, positive, to allow this awareness of your own finiteness to emerge in your mind and to make room for such consideration and contemplation and responses?


Here you can explore your relationship with death. You will learn how using death awareness brings an opportunity of personal and spiritual growth and improves the quality of your life. We will use processes, exercises, mindfulness practices and the group as a resource and support to learn how death awareness improves the quality of your life. You will learn how to face your fears around death, and understand its creative and spiritual value.There is a paradox at work here that we might discover: the more we face death, the more we actually feel alive.