Gestalt-Mindfulness On-Going Women’s Group.

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This event has passed.
Gestalt-Mindfulness On-Going Women’s Group
January 21, 2013 7:30 pm
Amely Becker
07989 230236
November 22, 2012
The Gestalt Studio
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Croftdown Road, London, Tufnell Park, Gospel Oak, NW5, United Kingdom

Awareness  -  Presence  -  Contact

 Using Mindfulness practice and the Gestalt Approach in a therapeutic Group Setting

Time and Date:

Monday Evenings

7.30pm – 10.00pm

9 consecutive weeks starting from: 21. January 2013 until 18. March 2013

Plus: One full Sunday: 10.00am – 5.00pm on: 17. March


This group uses the group process and therapeutic interventions to facilitate personal growth through the interaction with group members. It also offers you the practice of mindfulness to access your inner dimension and to develop greater awareness of your thoughts and what lies beyond them.

You are invited to participate in a group experience that encourages empathic relating to others through the therapeutic discipline of Gestalt therapy and in particular through learning to engage in authentic dialogue.

And you will also learn to embrace, understand and accept your self in relationship to your inner world through the practice of Mindfulness.This Mindfulness practice will generate greater awareness of yourself which will support you in practicing your self expression to and with others.

Both, the Gestalt approach and Mindfulness practice use the present moment, the here and now experiences as the platform for relational contact to occur allowing therapeutic change. The emphasis on being here and now facilitates personal and interpersonal growth and provides a rich ground for interaction within this group setting. We expect the range of experience to be at times deeply innerly focussed  as well as creatively interactive.

The aim is, in becoming more accepting of what we find about ourselves, we allow for more inclusion of who we are to enter into our field of awareness. We allow for greater wholeness.

This group presently is only for women.

Cost: £340

Full Address upon Application